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Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads Saves the Day with a Dental Initiative!

By guest, Jun 10 2015 06:38PM

The Goodwin House Community is truly wonderful to Culmore Clinic. Goodwin House Alexandria collects donated toiletries to provide welcome bags for new patients, and since the clinic’s move to Columbia Baptist in 2011, Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads has staffed our Set-Up Ministry. Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads is stepping forward again for Culmore Clinic by leading our new Dental Initiative. Clinic patients have little or no access to regular dental care, yet at the same time, poor oral health can increase the risk of serious health problems such as heart attack, stroke, poorly controlled diabetes and respiratory infections. Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads will be leading a drive to collect toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss for Culmore Clinic patients. Thank you Goodwin House-BC!

Read about the importance of integrating oral health in primary care here.

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