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Are you Eligible?


Culmore Clinic provides a straightforward enrollment process where patients provide documentation of their income and address through accessible, reasonable means.


Clinic patients’ income must be at 200% of Federal Poverty Level or below

(e.g. $1,916.67 for an individual and $4,041.67 for a family of 4).


What to Bring to an Appointment?


Culmore Clinic provides basic health services, including counseling, HIV, Hepatitis screening and education. Culmore Clinic is open one day per week, Thursdays, from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and serves adult patients only.


All patients are required to bring the following to their registration appointment: 


  • A photo ID  

  • Proof of income (pay stub, W2 form, or a letter from an employer stating rate of pay)

  • $10 suggested donation goes toward the cost of The Clinic registration and the first visit.


How to make an appointment?


Those seeking services at the Culmore Clinic must first register as a patient by calling (571) 205-7649. Potential patients are encouraged not to wait for any symptoms to worsen as there is an 8-10 week wait list for new patients.


Concerning Prayer Support


Founded as an interfaith effort, Culmore Clinic is open to the healing powers of prayer. As such, optional prayer support is offered to those interested. This support is never forced and open to everyone of various faiths.




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Through partnerships with area health providers, Culmore Clinic patients have access to laboratory and diagnostic testing, and when available, specialty care. Staff spend a great deal of time educating patients about how to manage chronic illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension, as well as how to prevent future illness through diet, exercise, and self-care. The Clinic also offers counseling services provided by a team of licensed volunteer mental health professionals who offer patients support, strategies to address pressing issues that are affecting the patients’ health and quality of life, as well as address the barriers to receiving the necessary care. Physical therapy services are available as is HIV and Hepatitis C testing and education. For answers to questions not found here, please email us.

Patient Enrollment


Post Office Box 8332

Falls Church, VA 22041


First Christian Church

6165 Leesburg Pike

Falls Church, VA 22044