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Rachel says...


“I love the positive attitude and incredible dedication of the people who work at Culmore Clinic. The times I’ve spent volunteering here are priceless to me. Not only am I able to contribute my language abilities to help the communities we serve get the care they need, I am also able to contribute to how the clinic operates on a day-to-day basis. The sense of community, mutual respect, and holistic focus on the patient is Culmore Clinic’s true strength and I’m proud to be a part of it.”  


Barbara says...


“From my first visit to the clinic I was impressed with the level of commitment everyone I met seemed to have. The patients who have engaged in counseling with me show a sincere desire to improve their lives and seem deeply appreciative of the care they receive.”


Juan says...


“It is great to work with people from all over the world while being able to help the less fortunate in our own community. I greatly enjoy working with my colleagues at Culmore Clinic and sharing their dedication to the cause of healthcare for everyone.”


Patty says...


“What is extremely positive to me is the attitude of the staff and volunteers who share a commitment to serve, along with the respect and dignity that is provided to each and every patient.”


Rita says...


“I very much enjoy working with our patients who are generally hard working, sincere people caught in very tough circumstances. I am humbled to work with them and am inspired by our staff’s unflagging enthusiasm and dedication.”


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Falls Church, VA 22041


First Christian Church

6165 Leesburg Pike

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Volunteers founded Culmore Clinic in 2007 and to this day it is still significantly volunteer run, allowing more resources to go toward patient care. Culmore Clinic strives to provide a positive experience not only to our patients, but to our volunteers as well. Read testimonials from our volunteers below. If you have a story to add, please email us. And, if you would like to join our volunteer team, find out more here or email us today!

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